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Why Run as a candidate?

  • A candidate has the opportunity to make animal rights a key part of a elected political platform for the first time in the US history.

  • NYC is larger than some small countries and is globally recognized. People pay attention to what is happening here.

  • Other countries such as Australia and the Netherlands have Animal Parties elected to their parliaments. We want to replicate that progress and success in the US.

The how’s of the project are:

  • 5-10% of the populace is vegan or vegetarian, so that voting bloc alone would win the primary (which has only 15% typical voter turnout)

  • NY City matches individual donations by a factor of 8 which means less reliance on corporate funding.

  • NY City is committed to encouraging candidates to run so offers free training and advice.

  • NY City Council members salary is $150k so candidates don’t have to be independently wealthy to run!

  • NYC city council primaries have a 15% voter turn out so just the vegan and vegetarian vote alone is enough to wine the primary

  • Covid-19 has brought up yet another massive problem with animal agriculture so it’s an issue people are paying more attention to.

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